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#14: Why is It Hard to Ask For Help?

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Are you struggling with asking for help? Everyone has their ups and downs. However, some people find it incredibly difficult to ask for help. The underlying factors vary, but the outcome makes us feel trapped and unable to step forward. However, there is another way. Are you ready to look at “asking for help” in a whole new way?

On my Facebook group, Be Healthy with Ana- Community Group, I asked the members what is the most challenging:

  • Saying “I’m sorry”;
  • Saying “I love you”;
  • Asking for help.

90% of the people who replied said that “asking for help” is the most challenging. 😲

Do you also feel that “asking for help” can be super hard?

Listen to this podcast, where I will talk about the 3 main reasons why we find it hard to ask for help and how to overcome this challenge.

If you feel like you are getting fed up fighting a battle alone but too scared to ask for help, this podcast will definitely help you.


✨What you can learn from this episode:

  • Why is it so hard to ask for help?
  • How asking help establishes a connection.
  • How to be very specific about asking for help.
  • How getting help can make you focus on yourself and practice self-care.

Wisdom and healing points to live by:

  • “When you look deeper, asking for help requires a lot of courage and therefore you need to be stronger to ask for help.” ~ Ana Marinho
  • Assumption: The thought or idea that “It happened before, therefore it's going to happen again.” ~ Ana Marinho
  • “How does it feel when you are able to give help to someone? Do you feel more connected to that person? Providing that opportunity to others can also feel good.” ~ Ana Marinho
  • “The reality is you deserve to feel better. And if it takes you one more time to ask for help, please do. Don't give up on yourself.” ~ Ana Marinho
  • “Once we ask and we ask with no attachment, with no expectation, it becomes so much easier.” ~ Ana Marinho

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