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Mold and Environmental Toxicity with Ana Marinho and Erin Gagne

#17: Mold and Environmental Toxicity

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 🌿🦠 Are hidden dangers lurking in your surroundings, affecting your health without you even knowing it? Imagine a threat that's often unseen but can profoundly impact your well-being. Today, we delve into the topic of Mold and Environmental Toxicity—a silent adversary that might be closer than you think. Join us as we uncover the symptoms to watch for, ways to prevent those problems, and effective healing strategies if you've been exposed.

In this episode, we reveal the hidden dangers of mold and environmental toxicity. Join us as we explore the often unnoticed symptoms that could be signs of exposure, from unexplained fatigue to chronic ailments. Whether you're seeking answers to your health challenges or looking to optimize your well-being, this podcast unveils crucial insights into the impact of environmental factors on your health.

Joining us today is Erin Gagne, a dedicated Nurse Practitioner with a diverse and extensive background. Erin began her journey by obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Nursing from the University of Rhode Island in 2008. With eight years of experience in the Cardiothoracic ICU at the Medical University of South Carolina, she then pursued further studies, graduating as a Family Nurse Practitioner in 2016. 🩺📚 

Erin's professional trajectory spans various domains, from internal medicine and physical medicine, emphasizing natural pain relief methods like PRP and stem cell therapies, to Aesthetic medicine, and Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy/ functional medicine. Currently, she stands as the proprietor of Revive Wellness, a functional medicine and hormone therapy clinic located in Bluffton, South Carolina.

Erin's extensive knowledge and dedication make her a valuable resource in the realm of health and healing.

Listen to this podcast to learn more about Mold and Environmental Toxicity. I hope you take these powerful tips to heart so you can start your journey to living a healthier, happier life! Are you ready?


✨What you can learn from this episode: 

00:52 - Understanding the Impact of Mold on Your Health
20:00 - Decoding Mold: Harmful vs. Harmless Varieties
28:50 - Mold Exposure Symptoms: What to Watch For
32:52 - Health Tips for Dealing with Mold Exposure
41:54 - 3 Must-Know Tips for a Healthier You


✨Wisdom and healing points to live by: 

  • "Don't give up. Keep going until you find someone willing to listen to you and give your body grace while it's healing." ~ Erin Gagne
  •  "You cannot heal a body that is stressed out. Regulating your nervous system is crucial for healing." ~ Erin Gagne
  •  “Hope is such an important healing piece and gift for anyone that's struggling with chronic pain”.~ Ana Marinho


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 After healing holistically from cancer, she committed her life to building a self-healing movement. She has written a best-selling book, Ignite Your Inner Healer. She is an international speaker and has been featured on NBC, A Teaspoon of Healing podcast, and the Annual NC Lupus Summit. You can find her teaming up with wellness experts to explore a range of healing modalities on her “Be Healthy with Ana” podcast. 

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